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A Themed Writing & Art Challenge for the SPN fandom

Supernatural 30 Snapshots
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"Supernatural" fanfic centered around 30 prompts.
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Please, before you post, make sure you've officially signed up for the challenge and read the rules below and the FAQs.

Welcome to Supernatural 30 Snapshots!

spn_30snapshots is a themed prompt-based fiction and art challenge community -- inspired by themed writing challenges like fanfic100 -- but specifically for the Supernatural and SPN/CWRPF fandoms. As a participant, you take on the challenge of creating 30 pieces of short fiction or art for the pairing or character/s of your choice. We accept fiction and art of all genres, ratings, and pairings -- het, gen, slash, femslash, crossover, and real people fiction/slash.

What's with the name "snapshots" anyway?

We're all about using fiction and art to create "snapshots" of life. That's the goal!

If you plan on writing fiction for the challenge, the focus should be on creating short fiction -- drabbles and flashfic -- between 100 and 1000 words long. You don't necessarily have to create a "complete" story with the ficlet you write (but they can be complete stories if you so desire). We happily welcome "vignettes," which are, in essence, the literary equivalent of a "snapshot" – short sketches of a scene or incident. For example, you are free to submit snippets and scenes from on-going and longer works, drabbles, short character studies, snatches of internal monologue, letters and notes, and slice of life pieces to fulfill your prompts. We also welcome poems, prose poetry, and lyrics that meet your prompts! (As of January 2011, stories no longer have to be kept to 100-1,000 words. Anything you post must be at least 100 words, but there is no upper limit. The 100-1,000 word count is simply a guideline. "Snapshot" can mean different things to different people, so just write what you're inspired to.)

Fanart is also welcome here -- actual visual snapshots and photography, graphic design, digital art, sketches, manipulations, banners/wallpaper/headers/icons, drawings, paintings, and fanvids inspired by your prompts. Maybe you'd like to write a song inspired by a prompt? Design CD cover art alongside a fanmix? Sketch a scene between Sam and Dean in charcoal? Or maybe make 30 different icons, one icon each based on a prompt? Go for it! If you include a preview of your art, please keep it to a reasonable size. (400 px wide x 300 px height max, or 400x400 for CD covers. Limit preview icons to 3-4 outside a cut.) Otherwise, put it under a cut. :)

Rules of the Road

01. Join the Community.

02. Make a Claim, A-M or Claim, N-Z. Choose a character – minor, major, or original - a pairing, a group of characters or general series, from either the Supernatural or Supernatural/CW RPF canon/fanon. We welcome het, slash, gen, and general series fanworks. It's all good: canon, fanon, wincest, AU, crossovers, threesomes, OC's, etc. Also note that more than one person can claim the same characters and pairings at one time!

03. Choose a Challenge. Decide how you wish to participate in the challenge:
(a.) Write 30 fics based on the 30 different prompts in your table.

(b.) Create 30 pieces of fanart based on the 30 different prompts in your table.

(c.) Combine A and B to create a mix of 30 fanworks (fiction and art) based on the prompts in your table. We don't care if you draw two pictures and then write 28 ficlets -- as long as they add up to 30!

04. Choose a themed prompt table. There are several different theme sets to inspire your writing and art creation. You can choose from amongst any of our 15 theme tables.
*Note: When you have chosen a theme set, copy and paste your chosen table to your own journal (and include a link to your table when you fill out the sign-up form).

05. Sign-up. When you have decided on your character(s)/pairing and a table theme set, please click here for A-M or click here for N-Z to officially sign-up for the challenge.

06. Create! Write one fic or produce one piece of art per prompt.

07. Post. When you've completed a prompt, post the story or art work here at the community under an LJ-cut. Also remember as you complete your fanwork to make each prompt in your table link to the post with the corresponding fic or art. When posting to the comm, you can choose to post a header with a link back to where the work is posted in your own journal if you would rather not post the work directly to the community itself. In that case, you don't usually need to use a LJ-cut unless your post is just really long or contains a large graphic.
When posting to the community (either the entire fanwork or just a link back to your journal), please use something like this following header:

* In the subject line of your post, include your fanwork title, claim, and your theme table number.

* Please remember to tag your posts with your name, claim, and theme table number. Most of the tags have already been created, so take a look at the list before posting, or edit your post after to add the appropriate tag. If the tags you need are not there because this is your first post, don't worry - a mod will add them ASAP.

08. Cross the Finish Line. Once you've completed your entire prompt table, please leave a comment here to let the mods know. We will reward you with virtual accolades and a nifty Hall of Fame banner!

09. Dropping Out? If you need to drop out of the challenge, please let us know here or here.

10. Questions? If you have a question or need further clarification, please ask here!

The Mod Squad
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Welcome! If you have a question drop me a note here.
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